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AMYRA –Your beauty is our challenge.

AMYRA develops lasting BEAUTY CONCEPTS for the international market in cooperation with leading researchers and dermatologists
IN GERMANY. The special focus here is on a youthful appearance, smooth and taut skin and a radiant, pearl-white complexion.
Each product has its own special mode of action that has been adapted specially for the body part in question in combination with effective sun protection.


manufacturing amyra dome – professional Light Therapy

Professional Light Therapy with AMYRA DOME

AMYRA has long-standing experience in the field of LIGHT THERAPY. Together with leading scientists, AMYRA has taken up and advanced the considerable significance of “good light” in treating skin.
Two light ranges in particular are emphasized in easy-to-assemble LIGHT THERAPY rooms, the AMYRA DOME:


clinical studies

AMYRA – On the way to beauty with science and research

All AMYRA products undergo SCIENTIFIC STUDIES as regards effects and tolerance.
Here, the test subjects tested the products over a number of weeks under standardized conditions.

Innovative appliances for scientifically proven results in the AMYRA study

Corneometer_IMG_0179Corneometer – for measuring skin moisture

In the current study at the leading german institute, skin moisture in the facial area and the areas around the eys was measured in these 30-50 test subjects. The areas treated with MY BEAUTY were compared with those that were not.

The result was a significant increase in skin moisture in the areas treated with MY BEAUTY in just 4 weeks.
CUTO_IMG_0784Cutometer – for determining the firmness and elasticity of the skin

AMYRA products act against signs of aging of the skin. Skin elasticity and tension diminish with age. In order to prove the effect of the AMYRA cosmetics, these parameters are determined using the cutometer.

AMYRA products MY BEAUTY demonstrate a significant higher elasticity for the skin in just 4 weeks.
FOITS_IMG_0073Anti-wrinkle effect – scientifically proved with the FOITS method

This visual measuring procedure creates a three-dimensional picture of the skin. At the end of the analysis there is a report on the depth effect of the AMYRA products tested.

AMYRA products MY BEAUTY attest a significant anti-wirinkle effect already after 4 weeks.
VISIA_IMG_0260VISIA-CR - Professional digital photo documentation

This visual measuring procedure creates a three-dimensial picture of the skin. At the end of the analysis there is a report on the depth effect of the AMYRA MY BEAUTY products tested.

Both the roughness parameters and the analysis of the skin-smoothing effect showed significant improvement after just 4 week of treatment.


AMYRA – A new approach on the way to beauty

With the launch of its BEAUTY and WHITENING products in combination with special LIGHT THEARAPY in the AMYRA DOMES, AMYRA has embarked on a new path in cosmetic treatment. New knowledge has been gathered in scientific research and comprehensive studies and used practically and sensibly for AMYRA customers.

We have comprehensive PR material available in order to help people understand the mode of action and function of the two AMYRA product ranges
MY BEAUTY and MY PEARL better.

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AMYRA – best quality made in Germany

In order to guarantee the effect, safety and transparency of our AMYRA products,
we have made available all the relevant certificates like


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